New good business

So we finally (softly) have opened our doors, and what better way to do it than host a breakfast for an incredibly forward thinking, savvy, and likeminded group of entrepreneurs who were interested in learning about running purpose driven businesses with special guest Alicia Darvall, up from Melbourne, Executive Director of B-Corporation Australia & New Zealand.  Founding member company Wildwon brought the event to us, and easily demonstrated their skill and finesse at crafting boutique events of any scale.

It was good to see some familiar faces and to welcome new ones, and also a great opportunity for some founding Common Room residents to showcase their work, including resident Masterchef Andy Allen, who generously catered for the event.

It was inspiring and tasty start to the day, and we look fwds to hosting many more gatherings soon. 

We're opening soon.

Hello wanderer of the Internet. Welcome to the Common Room's first news post.

We are busy with outreach and space design currently, as we hope to open our doors in the next few weeks (mid-end of October, 2014). 

It's an exciting time this jumping-in-the-deep-end phase, but you're probably familiar with that. It's why we all jumped in the first place, as we prefer to try and swim, than not swim at all.

Please check back soon for more news updates. There's lots to come.